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Masterclass - Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia Financial Modelling | 2024

Date - Fri, 12-Jan, 4pm SGT/ 9am UK time

Duration - 2 hours

YOG INFRA invites you to third edition of our masterclass on financial modelling for Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia projects. This masterclass will help enhance your understanding of key financial metrics and your capability to do financial assessment of such clean energy projects. 


Key Topics Covered/ Agenda

  • Understand the basics | Renewable Energy -> Green Hydrogen -> Green Ammonia

  • Mapping the Input assumptions | What are the right questions to ask?

  • Revenue and Cost Drivers | What is the end-use sector & impact?

  • Levelized Cost of Green Hydrogen | Calculation methodology


Masterclass Take-aways for Participants

  • Masterclass Completion Certificate  

  • Masterclass Recording

Registration Fee - SGD 69 (to cover platform costs)

For 5 or more participant registration, please send an email to for 15% reduction in registration fees.

For any queries, please reach out to



Our objective is to drive economic growth and make positive social impact through sustainable infrastructure development. ​

YOG INFRA is an infrastructure focused financial advisory firm. We work with Developers and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and help them make informed investment decisions across infrastructure development lifecycle.

With our offices in Singapore, India and UAE, we work on projects globally, and the team brings strong experience in supporting development of infrastructure projects.

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