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ESG Integration for Sustainable Infrastructure Investing in Asia

YOG INFRA thought series - May 2021

In 2020, the total investment in infrastructure and real estate asset class accounted for 14% of global GDP. Ailing infrastructure assets, rising population, and the demand of economic development are driving countries’ desire to channel more funding into transport, power, and other systems.

Infrastructure development is also seen as a key driver for economic growth post the COVID-19 pandemic for many countries. However, funding gaps remain.

According to the Global Infrastructure Hub, the world be facing USD 15 trillion gap (or c.3.5% of global GDP) between projected investment and the amount needed to provide adequate global infrastructure by 2040. Taking into account the sustainable development goals, the gap increases to USD 18.5 trillion (or c.3.8% of global GDP).

For the development of sustainable infrastructure, it would require more funds as well as an effective systematic plan for the implementation of such investments.

In this thought series publication, we explore how sustainable investing across asset classes (including infrastructure) is gaining traction globally and Asia; and how integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors is becoming mainstay of sustainable investments.

Table of Contents


ESG (Environmental, social and governance)

Why ESG is relevant for companies?

Sustainable Investing – gaining traction

ESG Investing – a class of Sustainable Investing

WEF Framework for ESG transformation

Policy and Regulatory Developments to promote ESG – Asia

ESG Funds

Key Rating Criteria

Country Case Study – Singapore

Country Case Study – India

ESG Integration in Infrastructure Investing

ESG Integration – Renewable energy

ESG Integration – Energy Efficiency

Conclusion – Next Steps

How YOG INFRA can help?

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ESG Integration for Sustainable Infrastr
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